Happy Weekend

20120727-133400.jpgHappy Friday! Gary and I are off to a wedding this weekend and I’m making their cake! What do you have planned? If you’re in the LA area, Renegade is this weekend and my friends Margaret of Paper Pastries and Keiko of Small Adventure will be there, so make sure you pay them a visit ;) Have a great weekend, friends.

(Photo of me and Chelsea when she visited LA a couple months ago!)

7 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. How far in advance did you prep/make the cake for the wedding this weekend? I’m curious because making one for a friend in November and am a bit nervous.

    Have a fun weekend!!

    • They requested a small/regular sized cake so it I was able to make it the day before. How many people are attending the wedding? I would say it’s quite doable to make the cake portion a few weeks in advance, wrap them very well and freeze them (which improves the texture of the cake). Depending on what type of frosting/buttercream you’re using you can prepare and freeze those in advance as well. The hardest part would be assembly. Feel free to email me if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer or direct you to an answer!

  2. Hey, it’s me! :) Haha, this is such a cute photo of us–it was fun to see in my Google Reader! From the comments sounds like the wedding cake was a success, woohoo! What kind was it!? Wedding cakes must be in the air this summer–I got asked twice in the past few months if I’d be interested in baking someone’s wedding cake, but I was way too intimidated to accept!

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