More of Zelda

Judging from my instagram photos and comments, Zelda has some fans out there so I thought I’d share some more pictures of her. She’s a little over 2 months old now and has grown twice the size since we found her. She’s still a tiny little thing and we’re secretly hoping she says small forever!

This weekend we are off to San Francisco for an impromptu trip to visit my mom. Gary and I have our list of places to visit, including: Tartine, Blue Bottle, Happy Girl Kitchen for my favorite dill pickle, and hopefully Outerlands if the wait isn’t too crazy! I am so ready to escape this weird LA weather we’ve been having for some cooler temps. What do you have planned for the weekend? Have a good one!

17 thoughts on “More of Zelda

  1. Ohhhh myyyyy gooooodnessss! Adorbs! I can see why she’s becoming such a little celebrity. Add me to her fan list… :)

    As for my weekend. I have exciting plans…. unpacking my suitcase from my trip to Chicago last week. Ha! Have fun visiting your mom :)

  2. Love the lovely pics of the beautiful Zelda! My mom has a couple of cats of her own and she would love to see these pics. Hope you’re both having a lovely summer.

  3. Aw, she is sooo cute. Been thinking about adopting a cat, hoping it’ll keep my two dogs in check! ;) so glad I stumbled upon your blog… You have a beautiful aesthetic! x

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Samantha! I’ve always been a dog person but Zelda’s completely changed my mind. We’re hoping to get a dog in the future (2+ years) and hopefully they’ll get along.

  4. Zelda is sooo cute! Aren’t sleepy kitties the best? :)

    I just adopted a kitten myself and named him Koda. (now I have three… super cat lady) But I found him in a litter that was born in my backyard. I think it’s funny that they are about the same age, but he’s totally white!

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