Cat Lady

1. iPhone case / 2. coral dress / 3. black cat tote / 4. picasso cat scarf / 5. mini meow tote / 6. feline karma dress

Before we adopted Zelda, I wasn’t really a cat person. While many other girls would fawn over Miu Miu’s cat prints and other feline accessories, all I wanted to see were more dachshunds and french bulldogs. But in an instant I turned into a certifiable cat lady. I especially love anything involving cute black cats. Too many products make them look scary/Halloween related! If you have any favorite cat related items please feel free to send links my way.

9 thoughts on “Cat Lady

  1. welcome to the club! But Sara, if you’re in it, you have to call it what it really is- the CRAZY cat lady (club) ;) And I guess I consider myself to be more of a trainee. My sister’s got the cats but I spoil them as if they were my own. Here’s a vote for more zelda pics.

    • Haha! As I was writing it I almost typed the word crazy in front but thought to myself, “well, I’m not crazy…YET.” I think when I get to the point where I’m wearing all cat accessories at once I’ll be inducted into the club.

      More Zelda pictures to come!

  2. Oh I have such a serious case of fashion envy right now!!!

    Once, years and years ago, I saw a T-shirt in a shop that had a gorgeous picture of a cat on it and the words ‘Jessica the Pussycat’ written on it. Being a Jessica myself, I was super, over-the-top, uber-excited, but alas they did not have my size… Every now and then, I optimistically type those words into eBay, hoping that someone somewhere will be selling one in my size and I can finally live out my cat-fashion dream!!! (Umm, by the way, typing those words into eBay or google often brings up some… less than savoury images/links!!!)

  3. Oh my goodness! Welcome to the club! growing up I was always a dog person. I had three dogs, and when they passed away, my parents wanted me to have a furry friend, but not one that has too many responsibilities. We chose a cat, plus they scare away the critters, so why not? Now i’m a super cat lady. EEP!

    This is a super late post, but I just stumbled upon your blog!

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