Summer Staples

Growing up, I had a little collection of hats in my wardrobe. My mom always said she never looked good in hats so she’d dress me up in them instead. Most people don’t wear hats going out so I stopped wearing them as well. But when I got to college and I finally gave into the fact that sunglasses look terrible on me. Since then, hats have been my main protection against the sun.

This Panama hat from J.Crew is my current favorite. Gary and I joke around that I bought it from Tommy Bahama because we often see older men wearing the same style. It made me feel awkward the first few times and would ask Gary every 10 minutes if I looked okay. But now I take any opportunity to put one on!

Oh yeah, those are my Birkenstocks. What do you think? I don’t think they look so bad! If you’re used to the pain of wearing flat sandals all summer long, your feet will love you for these. It took a couple wears to break them in but I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them all summer long. (And fall, and maybe a bit of winter too. This is LA after all.)

Also, thank you for all your feedback on my last outfit post! For now I’m too shy to bring a DSLR out for these, so hopefully these iPhone shots will do.

Dress: Forever 21
Top: American Apparel
Hat: J.Crew Panama Hat
Bags: Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch and baby Baggu
Shoes: Birkenstock Gizeh

(photos by Gary Heshiki on an iphone4s, edited in VSCO cam app.)

15 thoughts on “Summer Staples

    • Yes, I especially love wearing big floppy ones to shield from the sun! And to prevent hat hair I put the hat on the back side of my head first so it lifts my hair a bit. It gives me a bit of volume so I don’t end up with super flat hair when I take it off.

      • I never knew that tip for wearing hats. Whenever I wear hats I always end up with some serious hat hair (and my fine hair doesn’t need to get any flatter). I’m gonna give this a try. Look out hat hair, I’ve got a battle plan….

        Thanks for the tip! :)

      • Just wanted to let you know that I tried your hat trick on my recent vacation and it worked like a charm. It’s the only way I put hats on now. Thanks for sharing. :)

  1. I LOVE this outfit – especially the bright blue shirt with the red lipstick! And the hat looks exceptional; you have inspired me to look for a Panama hat of my own.

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