Funny Face

While I’d like to document the clothes I wear more often, I always look/feel really awkward in front of the camera. (Well, if you ask some people I’m just plain awkward in general, hah!) A couple of weeks ago I asked Gary to take some photos so we drove to an empty street hoping to lessen that uncomfortable feeling. Well, it happened anyway. But I guess the only way to get more comfortable is to do it more often, right?

Anyway, I was wearing a few of my favorite things that day like my Rachel Comey hitch boots and Death and Texas handlebar bag. But now that the weather is warming up I’ve traded in boots for Birkenstocks. Yeah, that’s right. Can we still be friends? Haha :) After years of wearing flat, uncomfortable sandals these birkenstocks were a godsend.

What do you guys think about outfit/style posts? Should I share more or just stick to baked goods ;) Leave a comment to let me know!

hat + polka dotted shirt: Forever 21
jeans: Wood Wood
shoes: Rachel Comey
bag: DNTX
necklace: Brooke Woosley

(photos by Gary Heshiki on an iphone4s, edited in VSCO cam app.)

12 thoughts on “Funny Face

  1. I’ve only ever had one pair of Birkenstocks and they gave me wicked blisters, argh argh argh. So I have no love for them, but I hope you fair better. You look beautiful in these photos! I especially like the second picture. Do more! Do more! Also: that hat is adorable.

  2. I like the outfit posts! I like seeing a little bit of your personal side… who you are..
    And don’t worry, I’m very awkward in front of photos too. Luckily, I have a tripod and self timer that doesn’t laugh at me :)

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