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Last week in the midst of Unique LA craziness, I proclaimed that I was giving up refined sugar for one month, until our trip to Hawaii. Did I mention Gary and I are going to Hawaii?! A good friend of mine is getting married and we are so excited to attend. It’ll be our first time there so it’s a little vacation for us too.

Anyway, where was I? So I decided to give up white sugar. I know what you’re thinking, “How can a baker give up sugar?” I’ll still taste things, but nothing more than a spoonful. For the past month I’ve been going to the gym 2-3 times a week, but what’s really holding me back is all the sweets I consume. For many people a treat is just 2-3 times a week, and even that’s on the high end. For me it was 3-5 a day. Yeah, like two cookies, a slice of cake, and another snack here and there. After logging what I ate for a couple of days I knew I had to make a change. I cut back to about 1 sweet a day and survived (haha), but why not just all together?

It’s been day 4 and I’m doing alright. I’ve also changed my gym schedule to 4 time a week, too. So far so good!

I know I said I’d post a cake this week but I couldn’t bring myself to make it. It was going to be a chocolate souffle cake but just reading the recipe got me salivating! You might see an influx of healthier recipes around here in the coming weeks, but hopefully I’ll be able to share recipes using honey or agave instead.

Here’s one of my recent favorites that satisfies my sweet tooth and stomach at the same time. Does anyone else have a horrible snacking problem? Healthy or not, I can’t seem to stop snacking on anything every 20 minutes.

Easy Green Smoothie
makes 1 large smoothie

5 ice cubes
1/2 c water
1/2 juice or milk
3/4 c frozen fruit (I like pineapple and mango)
1 full cup of greens, such as spinach or kale
1 tsp flax seed/meal
4-7 almonds

Combine everything in a high powered blender for 30 seconds until smooth. I like to add flax and almonds for extra nutrients and to give it more body, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

I use a Vitamix which prevents any grittiness from the almonds and vegetables. Not sure how tasty it would be in a regular blender, unfortunately. A Vitamix is around $400 but think of all the money you’re saving instead of buying a smoothie all the time! Plus it’s perfect for pureed soups and sauces, too. I make a smoothie almost every day and it’s certainly helped me consume more vegetables.

12 thoughts on “Sugar Ban

  1. I think that’s awesome you are taking care of yourself and trying to find a balance by going to the gym. I hope you make your goal before your trip to Hawaii but just remember that people are pretties when their at that happiest.

  2. Good luck Sara and good for you! You are SO not alone in needing to snack periodically throughout the day. I need something between breakfast & lunch and two somethings between lunch & dinner to keep going. I read somewhere eating many small meals is actually better for your metabolism because it keeps it going throughout the day. Personally I think it is OK to give into those cravings (otherwise I eat more later, or get cranky in between). But, must admit I’m usually found with a cookie for my snacks, too, though, more often than not — need to start trying more filling snacks like nuts or veggies! Looking forward to reading about how it all goes! And have a blast in Hawaii!!

  3. I completely sympathise with you! sugar is so addictive and it’s so easy to get hooked when you’re running a baking blog. I’m detoxing for a month to try and reboot and lose some of my cravings. I’m on day 1 and it’s hurting! I’ve pretty much made and photographed everything for my blog for the next month to cut that temptation out! Good luck with giving up sugar!

  4. It sounds very good, wishing you a lot of strength!

    Favorite smoothie of mine is strawberries and ginger, a lot of them both. Wakes me up every morning.

    Bon voyage to Hawaii!

  5. hope your sugar ban is going well! this post brought me back to a time when i went on a refined sugar ban after talking to an herbalist who was helping me reboot my system. it was hard, but after a month of a sugarless diet, i remember feeling so right. at least for me, feeling right isn’t an everyday feeling as i’m mostly over caffeinated or under caffeinated or sluggish from eating fast food :/. but, after reading this, i’m inspired again to try and do a sugar ban of my own!

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