my new stamp / Unique Day 1 (sans sleep!) / new gluten free PB&J sandwich cookies! / Unique Day 2 (with 8 hrs of sleep, big difference in appearance I think)

What a week! Unique LA was much more easy going this time around, but I still had lots of last minute work to do. On Friday night I didn’t get one wink of sleep and stayed up until we got home from the show on Saturday. I can’t recall the last time I pulled an all nighter, but it’s infinitely more fun/easier when you’re doing something you love and not homework.

As always, I have to thank Gary for all his help.  While “Hurricane Sara” went through the apartment he would clean up after me and feed me. And on top of that he helped me man the table all weekend long without one single complaint!

I also have to thank my brother Alex for coming by both days to bring us food and keep us company! And thank you to my buddies Laura and Chris, Erin, Margaret, and Shannon. It really makes the weekend fly by when you have friends to lean on and make you laugh. I also got to meet a blog reader/instagram friend, which was so awesome. Thanks for your support,  Alexis!

I’ll be back in the kitchen with a new cake this week (so excited about this one, even if I can’t eat it! More on that later though).

4 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. You stayed up all night? I am so impressed, you still looked great :)
    Please remind me to buy double your pb+j cookies next time! And thank you for the s’mores kit, we are waiting until our bbq next weekend to open it up. And that Gary- what a keeper!

  2. Ooh how I wish my LA trip had coincided with this event! Congratulations on getting through, Sara–it looked phenomenal! I’m glad the new cookies were such a hit. Also, that bird tray is adorable. Hope you have some time to rest now that it’s over!

  3. all nighter?!! you go girl!! so happy to hear that it went well. :) i must get my hands on that gluten free pb&j sandwich you’re talking about… i’m sure it’s as delicious as your other creations. i really wish i could have gone! but hopefully you’ll share your experiences with all of us.

    p.s. & hope you were able to get lots of rest since the show! xx

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