Unique LA Spring Show This Weekend!

Friday, already? I’ve been under a mound of work in preparation for Unique LA this weekend. Will you be coming? If you visit, please let me know you’re a blog reader! I might look like a zombie from lack of sleep but it’ll sure make my day better. I will have my s’mores kits and PB&J cookies, and a very delicious chocolate chip cookie as well.

And be sure to visit my friends Lulu Dee at Table 112, Sass & Peril at Booth 267, and Paper Pastries at Booth 101! Make sure to tell them I sent you ;)

Unique LA Spring Show
When: May 12 & 13 (Saturday & Sunday)  //   11am – 6pm
Where: The California Market Center (110 East Ninth Street, LA, CA 90079)

One thought on “Unique LA Spring Show This Weekend!

  1. I hope that the next time I go down to LA (I have family there), there’s an event like this going on so that I can finally come say hello! Hope it’s a great show :)

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