Friday Snapshots

I never used to believe in mercury retrograde, but the after these last couple of weeks I might be changing my views. I’m trying to focus on the good instead of the bad like these beautiful meyer lemons, our streamer backdrop from our party that’s still up (but I’ll probably be taking it down this weekend), going to the gym on a consistent basis for the last 3 weeks (!!!), and having the best Peruvian food in town, courtesy of my boyfriend and his family’s restaurant, Don Felix. I’m so excited to get a jump start on this weekends activities, such as building a portable raised bed garden/extra large planter box! Fingers crossed it comes together! How’s your weekend looking?

Here are a handful of things I wanted to share:
+ Mallory (of Where The Lovely Things Are) started a new blog called Gems that you should be bookmarking right now.
+ A talented bunch of buddies are having a little pop up shop this Sunday, so if you’re in the LA area drop by! I’m going to try to make it.
+ We received fennel in our CSA box last week and I’ve been poring over this week’s posts over at La Domestique

5 thoughts on “Friday Snapshots

  1. Thanks for mentioning la Domestique, Sara! We’ll be unpacking boxes all weekend, trying to get settled in our new apartment. Our Friday is off to a good start though, as we enjoyed beers on our new patio and I cooked dinner on the grill. Have a great weekend!

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